Spanish Real Estate investment

If your choice is to buy a property in Spain, and thus obtain a permit to freely enter and exit Spain and Schengen countries in Europe, the following information will help you.

Our working philosophy is different from that of conventional immigration agencies, giving the handlers ample room for choice and only providing professional assistance in the areas that customers need. There are no mandatory items, and no mandatory recommendation of properties.

Investment and immigration are a long-term process. You will go through the following stages:

  • Visiting Spain with a tourist visa for field study, choosing your favorite property.
  • European bank account opening.
  • House inspection, price negotiation, and contract signing.
  • The payment shall be made on time according to the contract, and the property rights shall be notarized.
  • Purchase tax declaration.
  • Registration with the Real Estate Bureau.
  • After completing the above investment procedures, apply for an investment visa and residence permit through the Spanish Consulate and Spanish Immigration Service.

Project advantage

  • You only must go through the procedure one time and all your closest family immigrate with you.
  • No language, education requirements.
  • Avoid high intermediate fees for immigration agencies.
  • Freehold investment property.
  • Free access to 26 Schengen countries.


  1. Can the family members including parents come with the main applicant to Spain?
    Answer: Husband/ wife, minor children, and parents who depend on the applicant for financial or physical needs can all be regarded as family members.
  2. For how long is the “Golden Visa” valid?
    Answer:Golden Visa” has a 1-year duration. And the initial investment permit is for 2 years, and all extension permits are for 5 years.
  3. Does the investor have the right to work?
    Answer: Investors and adult family members obtain work permits from the very beginning. They can work for others or do business on their own.
  4. Is the application´s success guaranteed?
    Answer: The success rate of investment residence is 100%. As long as the investment amount meets the requirements, there will be a 100% success rate.
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