Establishment of Spanish companies in China

China Desk

Advice on establishing Spanish companies in China and Chinese companies who wish to do business in Europe.

Developing companies between China and Spain.

Our China Desk provides consultancy on different disciplines and legal areas to facilitate and promote business by Spanish companies in China, and also offers advice to Chinese companies who are interested in setting up and operating in Europe.

Our China Desk has offices in different locations in China and in Spain:

Tel. +34 678 847 233 (mobile y Whatsapp)
Tel. +34 961 513 122 (company)
Tel. +86 152 931 296 78
WeChat: MBEA33

Chinese companies interested in the Spanish market.

  • Establishment or takeover of companies or corporations.
  • Search for investment projects.
  • Cooperation in joint ventures.
  • Advice on obtaining residence and/or work permits and authorisation. Specialists in “Golden Visas” and non-lucrative resident permits. Information in Chinese available on our website
  • Advice on expatriates, inpatriates and support for hiring personnel.
  • Tax, legal and labour services.

Spanish companies interested in the Chinese market:

  • Establishing and creating companies in China.
  • Takeover of companies in China.
  • Franchises in China.
  • Positioning in the Chinese market. At this point, encompassed within our on-line services portfolio, we develop the digital image of companies in the Chinese market. We provide corporate website creation services in accordance with Chinese standards, uses and customs, and also registration in the different Chinese search engines (Baidu, 360 and Sogou) and digital marketing on those platforms.
  • Support and consultancy for developing product and service marketing strategies in the Asian market.
  • Advice on selecting local suppliers and manufacturers to buy or manufacture in China.
  • Negotiation with distribution agents, suppliers, clients and employees.
  • Establishing joint ventures, strategic or commercial alliances.
  • Search for partners and negotiating with them.
  • Tax, legal and labour advice.
  • Management and advice on debt recovery.
  • Scam and fraud management.
  • Contract drafting and review.